Frequently Asked Questions.

• Yes! All of our bottles are BPA free.

• Bottles carry 500ml of water.

Squeeze the center of the bottle (on the rubber center) to fill the bowl – release that squeeze to drain the water back inside the bottle.

• These bottles are not dishwasher safe.

• This might seem a silly thing to say: please remember, if you squeeze these bottles, water comes out!

Still unsure of how our bottles work?

Enjoy this short 45 second video demo of our bottles showing how water fills (by squeezing) and drains back into the bottle.


This video was put together by three of our top quality control officers @axeman.the.frenchie, @gogo.hugo and @leroy.jones_thefrenchie

Bottle Care.

​Our furbabies need clean fresh water so naturally they need clean bottles and bowls to hydrate from.

• Be sure to wash out your bottles regularly, even more so if you take regular trips to the beach.

• When cleaning your bottle unscrew the neck and pull out the straw, cleaning the nozzle underneath the bowl.

• Do not put your bottles into the dishwasher!