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I LOVE my water bottle! I have one for the car and the beach (who wants sand in their water?!), and one for walkies in the hood. I don't go anywhere without it. Don't bother with those cheap silicone bowls - if you don't know, now you know!



Hey Team, just wanted to drop you a line and say how much we LOVE our pawsome PINK dog water bottle.  We love the fact our squishy heads fit in the bowl and our hooman loves how the water does not drip out when we are not using it!  Really useful for walks.  The free carabiner to clip on is really useful while we are out  and about at the park, or down at the beach.  We also love how easily the water comes out and then fills back to the bottle.  So simple and mess free.  Thanks HEAPS guys.


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Every doggo needs a Dog Water Bottle!! Bessie knows when we get our Dog Water Bottle its walk time!!! Easy to use, clean fresh water on the go. Fits perfectly in your car cup holder. Even the kids love it as it saves water!




Our Dog Water Bottle is a convenient and efficient way to keep our boy hydrated!  Easy, just squeeze, fill the bowl, let go and back it goes, no waste. Should come with a warning because all the other pups come for a drink too!




Seriously love our Dog Water Bottle! We’ve recently been doing A LOT of obedience classes with Bodhi and during summer, it’s hot out there even at 7am. He’s had to wear a cone of shame during his training and using the water bowl our trainers had provided just wasn’t an option. Our Dog Water Bottle solved all my drama with that as I only had to squeeze and poke it under his nose! No awkward cone shoveling to get in at the right angle and now the cone is gone, not having to lap up other dogs slobber in the communal bowl, it’s win win!!! We take it everywhere we go now, even the dog park so if the bowls are full of slime, no problem! Can’t rate them highly enough.




Our Dog Water Bottle is a life saver! This bottle makes our lives so much easier, it really is so handy!




We have a very fussy frenchie who will not drink public water. We tried all the different collapsible bowls and containers every time we went out, making a mess and getting water everywhere until we found Dog Water Bottle. Having this has changed our walking experience from a wet and messy affair to an easy and enjoyable time for everyone. It has a fantastic design that is easy to use and it is spill proof. And with all the colours available there is something to suit everyone. Both our Frenchie and Mini Dachshund love their water bottle!

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Mum says she doesn't like us drinking from dirty dog park water fountains so this Dog Water Bottle comes in very handy. It’s so convenient. All you do is squeeze and drink.

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There’s nothing worse than working up a thirst and then trying to find a tap! I don’t leave home without this squishy face friendly hydration system. Easy to use and carry! The humans keep a spare in the car for spur of the moment adventures” Chester, adventurous doggo and doggie water bottle enthusiast

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A must-have item for any pup on the go! Why carry around a separate bowl and bottle, when you can have both in one? From the first day our puppy Bailey has been with us; a Dog Water Bottle was high on our list of things to buy. While Bailey took a little while getting used to it at first—mainly due to her height—she absolutely loves it now!
Our Dog Water Bottle comes with us everywhere—park, pub and the car—and is often shared with her puppy friends; their parents always comment on the great idea it is, and we are always proud to tell them where to get one.
Thank you, Dog Water Bottle for being a staple in our everyday lives!

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Our Dog Water Bottle is a must have for the busy doggo about town. Whether I’m hitting the beach, bootcamp or brunch, even just cruising my hood, I don’t leave home without it. A doggos gotta stay hydrated! My humans wanted me to tell ya it’s a great product that clips to my lead, backed by awesome customer service.

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My hoomans are super conscious about me over heating on walks but with my dog water bottle they don’t have to worry anymore. No more desperate searches for a tap or the pawrents trying to use their hands as a DIY dog bowl, no more carrying separate bottles and bowls. The Dog Water Bottle is easy to carry and easy to use. I never leave home without it.
- Harvey the adventurous Frenchie




Best invention ever made for my Frenchie! A stylish water bottle that we carry around at all times when we take Zidane for a walk. As our baby boy is a giant, super active Frenchie and he always needs to keep hydrated because of his squishy face. The water bottle is super durable too and have been using the same one for over a year! We love it! Highly recommended.




My drink bottle goes everywhere I go!! My family doesn’t like me drinking from dirty rusty bowls with dirty water so I’ve always got fresh water. My mates love it and I’m always happy to share my water.  Mummy always spreads the “dog water bottle word“ and I’m so happy my mates have got one too.

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I absolutely love my dog water bottle! It comes with me everywhere - for walks, park and beach outings and on road trips. It's so convenient - you just squeeze then sip! It has kept me hydrated and cool on the hottest of days. It's a necessity for all active doggos and I couldn't recommend it highly enough!




Our Bailey loves her dog water bottle. We take ours everywhere! It fits perfectly into our K9 sportsack ready for long hikes, and the cute carabiners mean you can clip it to anything to stay hands-free. It's super convenient and handy with no mess or fuss. We used to run out of water constantly by having to pour our bottle into a tray, but with the dog water bottle reverse valve there's zero wastage and plenty enough water for a full day out. Give this product a try - you won't look back!




We wouldn’t be without our Dog Water Bottle now, it is a must bring on all outdoor adventures!
When I was recovering from surgery and had my cone on, I felt better drinking from my Dog Water Bottle. It is easy to use, lightweight to carry and my favorite accessory at the dog park

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Hey DWBC, We just wanted to tell you that we love your product. This water bottle is simply so much better than any we have tried in the past. The large cup makes it so easy for doggies to drink from, especially little squishy-faced breeds like our Frenchie, Penny.  We can throw it in a bag, or hang it from Penny’s lead. It comes EVERYWHERE with us now, we never leave home without it. The only problem now is, which colour should we buy next ??




We love our DWB! Going out with 2 dogs can be a handful but taking our DWB makes it super easy to give them water while out and about. The clip is perfect to attach to my bag or to their lead. Doesn’t leak and super easy for the dogs to have a drink! Especially living in QLD with the heat, it’s the best thing we have ever bought to keep our dogs hydrated wherever we go!